See art on your wall with the app.

Announcing the FAE App, now available from iTunes!

We are excited to announce the release of the FAE App, now available to download for free in the iTunes App Store.

It has never been easier to know if an artwork will work in your space, allowing you to save time and money while finding the perfect artwork for your client.  The FAE App uses augmented reality and a target system to virtually install a favorite artwork from the website on your own wall – in proper scale and perspective.

Save your favorite pieces to Art Tracker, and they will show up in the App to create Views.
Start using the App seamlessly with the website, in just a few short steps:
  • Download the FAE App to your iPhone or iPad and sign in to your FAE account,
  • Print out a Target and place it on your wall,
  • Select an artwork from your Art Tracker list, and see it superimposed over the target!

You can use the Live View Target to see the artwork instantly “installed” on the wall.  You can also upload photos with the Rooms Target to “My Rooms” for later use.  Both types of images can also be assigned to Projects from within the App.  The Views and Rooms that you create in the App will automatically sync with your account on the website.

With a Live View target on the wall, select a piece from Art Tracker to see it installed in real time!
Find more details and helpful tips here.

The FAE App was designed to complement the innovative features that make your one-stop source for fine art.  Download the FAE App today, and change the way you buy fine art.


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