The FAE Design Blog Table of Contents:

As a service provided by FAE, the following informational posts cover a series of art related subjects, designed to demystify working with fine art, and tips on how best to use the FAE Website.  The FAE Design Blog table of Contents has been divided into the following categories:
  1. Most Recent Post

  2. Safe Handling of Artwork

  3. Artwork Installation

  4. Framing Artwork

  5. Fine Prints

  6. How to get the most out of the FAE Website


1. Most Recent Post:

Thumbnail image to documenting your art collectionDocumenting Your Art Collection



2. Safe Handling of Artwork:

Thumbnail image to documenting your art collectionDocumenting Your Art Collection
How Do I Get My Art Appraised?
Fine Art Insurance 101Broken sculpture
An image of a painting carefully placed in the back seat of a carPractical Tips for Safely Transporting Artwork
An image of artworks carefully placed on on a bedTemporarily Storing Artwork: A Case Study
an image of a wall of shelves holding print boxesFour Artwork Storage Solutions



3. Artwork Installation:

Hanging and Framing FAQ’s
outdoor image of a line of figure sculptures with arms raisedSiting Sculpture, Part One: Overview


facade of a modern house with a round sculpture sited in the front yardSiting Sculpture: Part Two, A Case Study


4. Framing Artwork:

image of a wall of frame samplesThe Importance of a Proper Frame


an image of a graphic showing the entire spectrum of viable and non-visible lightWhen to Use UV Control Glazing
Two images showing an image of a flower behind reflective and reflection free glassReflection on the Problem of Reflections


5. Fine Pints:

a panoramic image of the press room of a fine art publisherThe Value in Fine and Reproductive Prints
an image showing the print and print edition numberWhat Does That Fraction Mean on a Fine Print?


6. How to get the most out of the FAE website:

An image of the entrance to the Valley House Gallery Sculpture GardenWelcome to FAE!
See art on your wall with the app.Announcing the FAE App, now available from iTunes!
Image showing the FAE app on the apple App StoreWill It Work in My Space?


Composite image showing how a presentation can be made from FAE dataAnatomy of a View


Image showing painting over fireplaceCreating Stunning Presentations with FAE




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